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The 30th Annual CWS State Watercolor Exhibition 2021

April 6, 2021 to May 24, 2021, Gilpin Arts Association Gallery
117 Eureka St., Central City, CO
    Juror: Stephen Quiller

Congratulations to the Juried Artists and Award Winners!

Carol Newsom - A Beautiful Moment


Sally Nissen - Night Blooming Cereus


John Murphy - Turtle Fountain


Melony Mont-Eton - Awareness


Linden Kirby - Changing Seasons


Larry Day - Beckwith Trail


Timothy Brenner - A Touch of Gold


Cara Fandel - Aspen Rainbow


Elaine Campbell - Charlie and the Anniversary Dinner

Steve Ekblad - The Fisherman


Randy Hale - Parmalee Gulch


Rosemarie Lohnert - Dawn


Theresa Shepherd - Sun Tea


Nancy Sullo - Splash


Susan Marion - Helen Hunt Falls


Cindy Brabec-King - Chickens


Gene Youngmann - Frozen Creek


Deborah Jansen - Days End Resplendence


Dianne Widom - Maximum Focus


Suzanne Pierson - Gravity


Elisabeth Moore - Windy Ridge


Debra Nicoll - See Me


Anita Winter - Around The Bend

Sandy Day Selbert - Contours


Becky Silver - Coming Together


Terrie Langham - Along the River Braan, Scotland


Kathy Cranmer - Ocean memories


Ann Simpson - Done




Patricia Foster - Scared Nights


Zach Bauer – Small Town Big Sky


Sue Williams - Weighty Responsibilities


Cindy Welch - Wheel of Thrills


Kay Moore - Sun Effects


Ken McGowan - Winter Farmhouse


Carla Stoltzfus - Iguana


Linda Renaud - Rainy Days and Mondays


Tyler Ryder - Out To The Bay


Jessica Lanan - Valley Light


Paul Valdez - Color by the Dozen


Lou Sosalla - Offshore


Beatrice Trautman - Saguaro Sentinel


Ann Patrice Williams - Friends


Carol Pitts - Choosing Joy


Janice Hanson - Ellie's Eyes


Diane Fechenbach - Scent of Distant Rain


Pamela Hake - Figs in Arizona


Susan Kane - Red Rock/White Rock


Donna Lyons - "On the Way Out"


Steve Griggs - Sailors Delight


Emily Wahl - Winter Embrace


Marsha Markwalder - Calle Lilies in Bloom


Jay Breese - In Awe


Annie Thayer - Wintry Reminiscenses


Merri Ziebell - Breckenridge Wagon


Kathleen Lanzoni - Accordion Player


Eric Fisher - Sunset Rails


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