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36 photo(s) Updated on: 26 Aug 2019
  • "Morning Light" by Shanthi Kumar
  • Viewing From the Roof
  • Argo Mill
  • Lake Moraine
  • Southern Magnolia
  • Thin Air
  • Docs Tavern
  • "Telling Tangents" Janis Goldblatt
  • "Sun Tea" Theresa Shepherd
  • "Just To Make You Smile" Ann Simpson
  • "I Love A Parade" Linda Renaud
  • "Foothills Sunrise" Jessica Lanan
  • "Flight of Fancy" Lorraine Watry
  • "Chore Time" Randy Hale
  • "Chimney Rock, Ghost Ranch" Tyler Ryder
  • "Cattle Country: Ready for Winter" Janice Hanson
  • "The Sentry" Bonnie Jones
  • “Anomaly” Curt Gillespie
  • "Way in There" by Jay Breese
  • "Wisteria" by Richard Chacon
  • "Sapphire Morning"by Diane Fechenbach
  • "Mixed Flowers Surprise" by Tanis Bula
  • by Sally Nissen
  • "The Frari Gondoliers" by Gerald Fritzler
  • "Pink Splendor" by Cindy Welch
  • "Working Wharfs" by Randy Hale
  • "Autumn" by Sally Nissen
  • "Cherry Bomb" by Cindy Brabec-King
  • "Joshua Tree National Park" by Beatrice Trautman
  • "Thinking it Through" by Dianne Widom
  • Blue Hat by Stephanie Goldman
  • "Guitarist in the Studio" by Carol Newsom
  • "Farmland October Morning" by Ann Salviazul
  • "Flower Pots" by Susan Marion

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