The Colorado Watercolor Society is an organization dedicated to upholding the highest standards and principles of art and to promote, encourage, educate and foster an interest in fine art in all media, especially watercolor.

CWS Library

This library of the Colorado Watercolor Society (CWS) is regularly expanded through generous donations as well as by using funds budgeted for library expansion. When we do obtain new items they will be added to this online catalog. Please peruse the many items available for you to borrow!

CWS members may request items by e-mailing anytime during the month up through the day before the monthly meeting (no later than the evening before a CWS General Meeting). The CWS librarian will deliver the items to you at that CWS General Meeting that month.

A $20.00 check made payable to CWS will be your deposit for one or more items (only one DVD or VHS per person per month, as they are extremely popular items). The items can be checked out for one month at which point you return them to the CWS librarian at the next General Meeting and your deposit check will be returned to you.

Exhibition Records, slides and catalogs are also available. Please contact the CWS librarian for more information.

Available Books, CDs and DVDs, and VHS Tapes


Book Title

Allen, Douglas

Frederic Remington and the Spanish-American War

Anderson, donald

Elements of Design

Ang, Tom

How to Photograph Everything from your digital Cameera

Ballestar, Vincent

Painting the unposed figure in Watercolor

Barbour, Arthur

Painting the Seasons in Watercolor

Barbour, Arthur

Watercolor: the Wet Technique

Battershill, Norman

Draw Trees

Battershill, Norman

Painting and Drawing Water

Bauer - Editor

New Art in America

Betts, Edward

Master Class in watercolor

Betts, Judi

Watercolor: Let's Think About It!

Biehl, Stewart

How to Succeed as an Artist in your own home town

Blake, Wendon

Seascapes in Watercolor

Blockley, John

Challenge of Watercolour, The

Blockley, John

Country Landscapes in Watercolor

Bloom, Ellye, and Davis, Ken

Painting Sharp Focus Still Lifes Trompe L'Oeil Oil Techniques

Bolton, Richard

Painting Weathered Textures in Watercolor

Bolton, Richard

Texture and Detail in Watercolor

Borgman, Harry

Art & Illustration Techniques

Bourdet, Susan D.

Capturing the Magic of Light in Watercolor

Boyle, Richard

John Twachtman

Brandt, Rex

Notes on the Composition of Landscape Painting

Bridgeman, George

Complete Guide to Drawing from Life

Burt, Dan

You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors

Cameron, Julia

Artist's Way, the

Cassels, Julia

How to Capture Movement in your Paintings

Chaplin, Mike and Vowles, Diana

Expressive Watercolors

Cognait, Raymond

The Century of the Impressionists

Condit, William H

Transparent Watercolor, My second career

Coonts, Bob

Inside Out, the Art of bob coonts

Couch, tony

Keys to Successful Painting

Couch, tony

Watercolor- You can do it

Cranshaw, Alwyn

Half-Hour Painter

Cranshaw, Alwyn

How to Paint with Watercolor

Cranshaw, Alwyn

Paints on Holiday

Croney, Claude

My Way with Watercolor

Crown Publishers

Encyclopedia of Painting-Prehistoric to present day

D'Amelio, joseph

Perspective Drawing Handbook

David, Sally

the Fine Artists Guide to Showing and Selling your Work

DeReyna, Rudy

Painting in Opaque Watercolor

DeReyna, Rudy

Realist Techniques in Water Media

Derkatsch, inessa

Transparent Watercolor

Digh, Patti

Creative is a Verb

DiStefano, Dominic

Painting Dynamic Watercolors

Dixon, Henry

Paint Amazing Watercolors from Photographs

Dodson, Bert

Keys to Drawing

Douglas-Cooper, Helen

Artist's Bible - Essential Reference for Artist's in All Mediums, The

Edwards, Betty

Drawing on the right side of the Brain


Art in new Mexico 1900-1945


How to Make a Watercolor paint Itself

Finch, Christopher

Art of Walt Disney from Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom, The

Finlay, Victoria

Color, A Natural History of the Palette  (2 copies)



Fitzgerald, Edmond

Marine Painting in Watercolor


Magic of Watercolor, The

Foster, Walter

How to Draw Dogs

Fox, Susan and Ganim, Barbara

Visual Journaling, Going Deeper Than Words

Friend, David

The Creative Way to Paint

Friend, Trudy

Ultimate Drawing and Painting Technique Bible. The

Geisel, Theodor

Secret Art of Dr. Seuss, The

Gemin, Massimo

Van Gogh

Gibbon, DAvid, Smart, Ted

Art Masters of the Louvre

Gibbon, David, Smart, Ted

Art Masters of the Prado

Goldsmith, Lawrence

Watercolor Bold and Free

Goodman, Sue

Manual of Graphic Techniques

Grastorf, Jean

Pouring Light: Layering Transparent Watercolor

Greene, Daniel E. 


Greene, June

Chinese Brush Strokes, an Introduction - ... Scholarly Bamboo

Gurney, James

Color and Light, a Guide for the Realist Painter


Colorado Treasures


Art Treasures of the World


Birds of Britain and Europe

Hanks,Belliston Edwards

Design Yourself

Harrison, Hazel

Encyclopedia of Acrylic Techniques, The

Harrison, Hazel

Encyclopedia of Watercolor Techniques, The

Harrison, Lesley

Painting Animals that Touch the Heart

Hart, Russel

Photographing Your Artwork

Hassrick, Peter

Frederic Remington

Hayes, Bartlett

American Drawings

Hayes, colin

A Practical Guide to landscape Painting

Hendershot, Ray

Texture Techniques for Winning Watercolors

Henning, Fritz

Concept and Composition

Henri, robert

The Art Spirit


Painting Landscapes in Watercolor

Hilder, Rowland

Starting with Watercolor

Hill, Tom

Color for the Watercolor Painter

Hill, Tom

Painting Watercolors on Location


Dynamic figure Drawing

Jamison, Philip

Capturing Nature in Watercolor

Janson, HW

History of Art

Jeibert, Aubrey

Painting the Four Seasons

Jianou, Ionel


Johnson, Cathy

Painting Nature's Details in Watercolor

Johnson, Cathy

Sketching and Drawing

Johnson, Peter

Drawing for Pleasure

Johnson, Peter

Painting with Pastels

Kallir, Otto

Grandma Moses

Kautzky, Ted

Ways with Watercolor

Keis, Mari le Glatin

The Art of Travel with a Sketchbook

Kemp, Linda

Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines...Negative Painting

Kinghan, Charles

Ted Kautzky, Master of Pencil and Watercolor


Design Continum, the

Kuerners & Olsons

Two Worlds of andrew Wyeth

Lawrence, William

Painting Light & Shadow in Watercolor

Lee, Sherman E

Chinese Landscape painting

Leeper, Christopher

Realism in Watercolor

Leonard, Elizabeth

Painting Flowers

Leptich, Anne

Calligrapher's Reference Book

Leslie, Clare Walker

Nature Drawing - A Tool for Leanring

Lynch, Tom

100 Watercolor Workshop Lesson Charts

Lynch, Tom

Fun with Watercolor

Lynch, Tom

Watercolor Secrets

MacKenzie, Gordon

Watercolorist's Essential Notebook - Landscapes, The


The magna Book of roses

Marsh, Reginald

Anatomy for Artists

Martin, Bill

The Joy of Drawing: How to Draw Anything You See

Martin, Judy

Encyclopedia of Printmaking Techniques

Masterfield, Maxine

Painting the Spirit of Nature

Maziarz, Mary Beth

Kick-Ass Creativity

Mehaffey, Mark E.

Creative Watercolor Workshop

Mehaffey, Mark E.

Painting a dramatic landscape in Wtercolor

Meyer, Susan

How to draw in Pen and Ink


Watercolorists at Work

Michels, Caroll

How to Survive & prosper as an Artist

Moskowitz, Ira

French Impressionists

Munce, Howard

Drawing in the Nude

Nechis, Barbara

Watercolor, the Creative Experience

Nice, Claudia

Creating Textures in Pen and Ink With Watercolor

Nofer, Frank

How to Make Wateercolor Work for you.

Nuss, Barbara

14 Formulas for Painting Fabulous landscapes

nz, Stewart

Birds of Britain and Europe

O,Conner, Briget

Watercolor in Motion

O'Brien, James

Design by Accident

O'Conner, Briget

Watercolor Essentials

Ocvirk, Bone,Stinson 7 Wigg

Art Fundamentals Theory & Practice

O'Keeffe, Georgia

Georgia O'Keeffe

O'Toole, Erin

Create Your Own Artist's Journal

Parks, Carrie Stuart

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces

Parramon, Jose

Painting Landscape and Still Lifes in Watercolor

Parramon, Jose

The Big Book of Drawing

Peterson, Kolan

Special Effects in Watercolors

Petrie, Ferdinand

The Big Book of Painting Nature in Watercolor

Petrie, Ferdinand

Watercolorist's Guide to Painting Skies, The

Pike, John


Pitcher, Colette

Acrylic Painting for Dummies

Pitcher, Colette

Watercolor Painting for Dummies

Pitz, Henry

Drawing outdoors

Porter, Albert

The Art of Sketching

Presnall, Terry

Illustration & Drawing, Styles & Techniques


Marine Prints, ship Models and Pictures

Ranson, Ron

Big Brush Watercolor

Ranson, Ron

Learn Watercolor the Edgar Whitney Way

Ranson, Ron

Perfecting your Watercolors

Ranson, Ron

Watercolor Fast and Loose

Ranson, Ron

Watercolor Impressionists

Ranson, Ron

Watercolor Painting: the ron Ranson Technique


Awash in Color:Homer Sargent and  the Great American Watercolor

Reeve, James

The Art of Showing Art

Reid, Charles

Figure Painting in Watercolor

Reid, Charles

Flower Painting in Watercolor

Reid, Charles

Portrait Painting in Watercolor


Acrylic Revolution

Roberts, ian

Mastering Composition

Robinson, John

How to Paint Seascapes in Watercolor

Rodwell, Jenny/ short

Complete Guide to Framing, The

Roycraft, Roland

Fill Your Watercolors with Light and Color

Rubbra, Benedict

Draw Portraits

Ryder, Brian

Painting Watercolor Landscapes with Confidence

Salemme, Lucia A

Complete Book of Painting Techniques;oils,watercolors,pastels etc

Schilling, Richard

Watercolor Journey - Create Your Own Travel Sketchbook

Schink, Christopher

Mastering Color and Design in watercolor

Schlemm, Betty

Painting with Light

Schulzke, Margot

A Painter's Guide to Design and composition


Oil Painters Bible, The

Seslar, patrick

One Hour Watercolorist, The

Shapiro, Irving

How to Make a Painting


Sharp Focus Watercolor Painting

Simmons, Karen

Painting the Colors of Nature

Smith, Ray Campbell

Fresh Watercolour

Smith, Ray Campbell

Watercolour Work-Out

Soto, Penny

Painting Glowing Colors in Watercolor

Stanfield, Alyson B

I'd rather be in the studio


Drawing & Painting Buildings

Stern, Harold P.

Birds, Beasts, Blossoms, and Bugs, the Art of Japan

Stine, Al

Watercolor Painting Smart

Storz, Frank

Western Paintings of Frank C. McCarthy

Stoutsenberger, leo

Controlled Watercolor Painting

Sweney, Fredric

Art of painting Animals, the

Szabo, Zoltan

70 Favorite Watercolor Techniques

Szabo, Zoltan

Creative Watercolor Techniques

Szabo, Zoltan

Landscape Painting in Watercolor

Szabo, Zoltan

Painting Nature's Hidden Treasures

Takahiko, Mikami

Sumi Painting

Taylor, David and Ron Ronson

Solving the Mystery of Watercolor

Taylor, Richard

Buildings in Watercolor


Graphic Illustration

Tucker, Paul Hayes

Monet at Argenleuil

Unwin, Chris

Artistic Touch, The

Van Hasselt, tony

Watercolor Fix It book, The

Wade, robert

Painting More Than the Eye Can See

Ward, Edward Norton

First Impressions- Sketching Nature in Watercolor

Ward, Mike

New Spirit of Watercolor, The

Warren, Soon Y.

Painting Vibrant Watercolors

Warren, Soon Y.

Vibrant Flowers in Watercolor

Watson, Ernest

The Art of Pencil Drawing

Weaver, Pat

Watercolor Simplified

Webb, Frank

Watercolor Energies

Webb, Frank

Webb on Watercolor


Watercolor for All Seasons


Painting Water in Watercolor


Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting

Wieyardt, Eric

Essential Design, the Key to Expressive Painting

Wilcox, Michael

Color Mixing System for Watercolors

Wilcox, Michael

Color Theory for Watercolors

Wilcox, Michael

Wilcox guide to the Best Watercolor Paints, the

Wolf, Rachel Rubin

Basic Flower Painting Techniques in Watercolor

Wolf, Rachel Rubin

Keys to Painting Color and Value

Wolf, Rachel Rubin

Keys to Painting Fur and Feathers

Wolf, Rachel Rubin

Keys to Painting Trees and Foliage

Wolf, Rachel Rubin

Painting the Many Moods of Light

Wolf, Rachel Rubin

Splash 8 Watercolor Discoveries

Wolf, Rachel Rubin

Strokes of Genius 2, the Best of Drawing Light and Shadow

Wolf, Rachel Rubin

Strokes of Genius, the Best of Drawing


Video Title


Anderson, Catherine

Creating Multiple Glazes


Bagby, Anne

Collage: Paper, Patterns and Glazing


Dalio, Carl

Color Power


DiGiulio, Joe

Abstract Expressionist Mind


Edwards, Sterling

Abstract Watercolor: Expressions in Blue


Harrington, Charles

Acrylics: The Watercolor Alternative


James, George

Mastering Yupo


James, George

The Artistic Process on Yupo Paper


Johnson, Jay

Dramatic Watercolor Portraits


Kunz, Jan

Watercolor Portrait Painting


Lovett, John

Farmhouse Landscape (30 minute Art Lesson)


Lovett, John

Paintings made from Photos made Easy


Lovett, John

Perspective (10 minute Art Lesson)


Lovett, John

Shape Shortcuts (10 minute Art Lesson)


Lovett, John

Watercolor Upsidedown (10 minute Art Lesson)


Lovett, John

Watercolour studio Workshop 2


Lynch, Tom

Secrets of Painitng on Watecolor Canvas


Mehaffey, Mark

Painting a Dramatic Landscape in Watercolor


Morris, Judy

Tuscan Textures Rich Textures Using Salt


Nice, Claudia

Creating Textures in Pen & Ink with watercolor


Owen, Thomas

Watercolor Beyond the Brush Vol 1



Pure Color Glazing in Watercolor



Pollock (The Movie)


Quiller, Stephen

Color Foundation for the Painter


Quiller, Stephen

Mastering Color and the Plein Air Experience


Quiller, Stephen

The Complete Water Media Workshop


Salminen, John

Urban Landscape in Watercolor


van Hasselt, Tony

Creative realism in Watercolor


van Hasselt, Tony

The Building Blocks of Painting


Vilmann, Jim

Stretchmaster system for stretching canvas, watercolor paper, etc


Zhen, Lian Quan

Chinese Watercolor Techniques Painting Animals


23rd Western Fed Exhibition


Art Demo by Molly Gough


Artist of America


Watercolour Secrets Vol 1

Watercolour Secrets Vol 2

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