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CWS New Trends Exhibit 2020

CWS Annual Members Show 2019 Winners

Congratulations to the Award Winners !

1st Place    Carol Newsom for Mountain Man

2nd Place   Sue Kane for Below the Rim

3rd Place    Richard Forsyth for Natives


Honorable Mention      Ann Patrice Williams for Perfect Poppy

New Member Award   Jeremy Jones for Recalling Sturbridge

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Honorable Mention
Ann Patrice Williams for Perfect Poppy

CWS State Exhibit 2019 Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 28th CWS State Exhibit 2019 !

Best of Show: Cindy Brabec-King      Pantry Scraps
2nd Place :      Pattie Bowler                Gone Fishing
3rd Place:       Carol Pitts                     Pigeon Feeder
4th Place:       Janis Goldblatt             Calibrate

1st Honorable  Mention:          Theresa Shepard         Summers End

2nd Honorable Mention:          Lynn Nebergall            Egg Drop Soup

Francis Olson Memorial          Judy Porzak                 Enlightened

Mountainside Art Guild           Craig Davis                  The Quilter

Painted Toe Society                Beatrice Trautman        Sierra Sentinel

Rocky Mountain Water Media Janice Hanson            Temple Tears

Patron Award                           Becky Silver                 Stop on Red

Past President Award             Carla Stoltzfus              Doves

Parker Artists Guild                Rita Derjue                    We’re Here

Pikes Peak Watercolor Society Marcio Correa           Red Skies Over China Town


Splash Of Colorado  2019 Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Splash of Colorado 2019 !

1st Place         Giliad Jacob (Kobi) Jekel

2nd Place        Turbulent Sky Tom B. Lockhart

3rd Place         March Storm Tom Newsom

Honorable Mention        Searching for the Sun Jackie Kingsbury

Honorable Mention        Fragrance of Gardenias   Ann Patrice Williams

Juror’s Award                Electric Landscape Susan Crawford


CWS State Exhibit 2018 Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners !

Pikes Peak Watercolor Society Award  Beatrice Trautman
Francis Olson Memorial Award             Carol Newsom
Mountainside Art Guild Award              Sue Andzik
Fourth Place                                            Kathleen Lanzoni
Third Place                                              Tom Lockhart
Second Place                                          Nancy Priest
Best Of Show                                          Susan Montague

Honorable Mention                                 Lynn Nebergall 


CWS Annual Members Show 2018 Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Colorado Watercolor Society Members Exhibit award winners!

Cathy Pennak - “Smell the Roses” - First Place

Randy Hale - “Vienna Afternoon” -  Second Place

Shanthi Kumar - “Silver Spoon”   -  Third Place

Gene Youngman - “Still Needs Work” -  Honorable Mention

Tim Brenner - “Turquoise Adobe” -       Honorable Mention                               

Diane Fechenbach - “Sheppard Street, Earl Morning” - Honorable Mention


Splash of Colorado 2018 Winners

 Congratulations to the following award winners!

Honorable Mention - Jackie Kingsbury for The Guardian

Honorable Mention - Donna Lutsky for Girl With Bonnet

HM Juror's Commendation - Patricia Amlin for Peaks at Crested Butte

Third Place - Stan Johnson for Three Trout

Second Place - Virginia Blackstone for Earth to Earth

Best of Show - Pat Foster for Forest Dreams


New Trends Exhibit Award Winners 

Congratulations to the artists !!

                                 Prague Fun

                                Janney Sims


                                   1st Place

                               Eagle Soars

                         Audrey Ledgerwood    


                                 2nd Place

                        Offering to Morpheus

                                 Karen Hill

                                 3rd Place

                     Black Eyed Susan

                           Ken Imler


                          Merit Award

**************************************************************************************************                                 2017 CWS State Exhibition Award Winners

Congratulations to the following artist who received awards at the 2017 exhibit:

  • Steve Griggs - Best of Show
  • Nancy Dee - Second Place
  • Naum Katsenelsen - Third Place
  • Anita Winter - Mountain Side Art Guild Award
  • Carol Newsom - Frances Olson Award
  • Diane Fechenbach - Pikes Peak Award
  • Kay Moore - Honorable Mention

Steve Griggs, mpossible Dreamer, best of show

Nancy Dee, Old Farm-site at Sunset, second place

Naum Katsenelsen, Last Rays, third place

Anita Winter, LoDo Action, Mountain Side Art Guild Award

Carol Newsom, Musicians, Frances Olson Award

Diane Fechenbach, Golden Guardian, Pikes Peak Award

Kay Moore, Driving Through New Mexico, Honorable Mention


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